BP Credit Card

BP is an international company that is an industry leader in the oil and gas industry. Consumers know the company from the thousands of gas stations that dot the country. BP offers a credit card that helps customers save money and gain rewards when they purchase gas as BP gas stations. The credit card is managed and serviced by Chase cards.

Through Chase, customers can manage the account, pay bills and view purchases. Chase offers excellent customer service and an online system that makes it easy to manage the account electronically. Cardholders are offered zero liability for unauthorized purchases. This enables customers to buy with confidence. The card should be reported lost or stolen as soon as the customer notices it missing. If unusual activity is viewed on the account they should contact Chase immediately so the fraudulent activity can be stopped and a new card issued.

BP Credit Cards

BP offers two different credit cards. The first is the BP Card with Pump rewards and the second is the BP Visa Card with Pump Rewards. The first is a company credit card and can be used at BP gas stations for both gas and convenience store purchases. The BP Visa card can be used anywhere the Visa logo is accepted. This provides wide range use and the ability to accumulate reward points faster.

BP Card with Pump rewards

The BP rewards card offers a 5 cent rebate for all purchases made at BP gas stations and includes both gas and convenient store purchases. The rebates are issued after every $100 in purchases made with the card. The rebate amounts have an expiration date of 12 month from the time they are earned.

BP Visa with Pump Rewards

BP Visa with Pump rewards offers a 25 cent rebate per gallon. The rebate is issued after $100 in qualifying purchases during the first 60 days of account opening. The 25 cent rebate is only offered for purchases made at BP gas stations. Beyond the first 60 days of account opening the rebate has an ongoing value of 15 cents per gallon for all purchases made at BP gas stations.  

For purchases made at other locations a 5 cents per gallon rebate is offered to cardholders. A rebate will be issued every $100 in purchases. The 5 cent rebate is not offered on purchases made at other brand gas stations. The rebates are good for 12 months after they have been earned.

Double Days

Both cards offer double redemption days. This is a way that customers can make the most of the rebates they have earned. The way this works is on the 22 of every month the rebate is doubled for all purchases made at BP stations. This is a quick way to accumulate rewards from your BP credit card.

BP Rewards

When the account is opened customers can earn an instant 10 cents per gallon as a reward when the account is registered. To earn the sign up bonus customer must purchase at least 20 gallons of gas in the first two transactions. 5 cents is earned for every gallon each time 20 gallons of gas is purchased at a single fill-up. Rewards points are earned with any gas grade. This includes BP with Invigorate and BP Diesel.

Other Features to the BP Credit Card

There is no annual fee with either BP rewards card.

Applicants must be 16 years or older in order to apply. The application will be based on a credit report, the customer’s credit score, income and current debt payments. The interest offered on the card will be determined by the quality of the application.

If the customer applies for the BP Visa and does not qualify you will automatically be considered for the BP rewards, without the Visa card option.

Points can be earned for purchases at all locations with the Visa logo, except competing non-BP gas stations.

Rewards are redeemed at the pump. When a cardholder chooses to redeem rewards the price per gallon will be reduced by the reward rebate amount. The rebate is good for a purchase of up to 20 gallons.