General basics of the Peebles Credit Card

The Peebles Credit Card is like most other credit cards in that it extends credit to the consumer to make purchases at a Peebles store. Thus, the Peebles Credit Card does charge interest for unpaid balances carried over from month-to-month. It is important to note that the Peebles Credit Card is only usable as an in-store credit card at Peebles stores or at their website. Therefore, you cannot use this card to make purchases at other stores or even at convenience stores or gas stations. The main benefit of having a Peebles Credit Card then is that the consumer can buy items at a Peebles store and pay for overtime like any general credit card.

Peebles Credit Cards do offer some benefits in general to their consumers. As will be explained in the next section some of these benefits will be discussed in detail. However, is important to note that specific benefits associated with this Credit Card vary. In fact, the Peebles website for their credit card does not indicate any specific or general benefits. The main items offered as a benefit using this credit card are gifts certificates or monthly coupons. Additionally, the benefits vary based upon the amount of usage on the Peebles Credit Card each month.

If a person shops at a Peebles store quite often, this credit card may be of benefit to that consumer. Like most in-store credit cards, the Peebles Credit Card is designed to benefit Peebles store consumers. Thus, one benefit to the consumer is that if they rarely make use of their Peebles Credit Card, there is no annual fee and thus no expense for having the card.

To qualify for a Peebles Credit Card you will have to meet the standard set by the issuing bank, which are quite similar to other bank requirements. Thus, expect that you have to have a certain credit score, as well as a specified amount of income. Additionally, the card is subject to CARD regulations of the federal government, which are discussed in the last section of this report.

Rewards and benefits

One thing of important note for Peebles Credit Card is that the website does not specifically state any specific rewards or benefits to owning or utilizing a Peebles Credit Card. Thus, it is hard to say with certainty what benefits a consumer will receive by utilizing this credit card. However, the information from the company state that the consumer will receive certain benefits for utilizing the credit card, namely in the form of coupons or discounts. Additionally, the more that a consumer utilizes the card the more benefits and rewards they receive from the company. In general, the main benefits of the Peebles Credit Card are that the consumer will receive monthly coupons and or potential for gift cards from the company. Thus, the Peebles frequenter may find it beneficial to have a Peebles Credit Card.

One benefit that must be discussed as a potential savings or reward is that there is no annual fee for the Peebles Credit Card. This means that consumers can have the credit card available to them and should they not use the credit card for a sustained period of time there is no fee for this nonuse timeframe.

Fees and rates

Like any general credit card, the Peebles Credit Card is subject to the CARD federal regulations and credit card issuers. This means that the company must disclose to any potential or current credit card holder all fees and terms associated with the credit card. The APR for the Peebles Credit Card is at 24.99% APR. The company may or may not assess a late fee for missed payment; however, it is not stated what the fee is on the company’s credit card site. There are no introductory fees or special financing programs associate with Peebles Credit Card. Thus, a consumer who utilizes this credit card for purchases at Peebles store and they do not pay the total balance due in the allocated time frame they will be assessed the interest of 24.99% APR for a unpaid balance. Since the card is a standard in-store credit card, the credit line available to the consumer may be limited. However, this is rather normal for any store issued credit card and may be of benefit to some consumers who are looking to build their credit without overextending themselves.