Disney Credit Cards

For those who love all things Disney, The Walt Disney company offers two different credit cards that provide rewards which can be used at Disney theme parks, The Disney Store, online Disney store, and for Disney merchandise including movies, DVD’s, Disney toys and more. A Disney credit card is a way to gain rewards and discounts for Disney purchases. There are also a number of discounts and benefits that cardholders can utilize by being a Disney cardholder.

Disney offers two different credit card options. The Disney Rewards® Card and the Disney Premier® Card. Both of these are Visa cards and can be used to make purchases anywhere the Visa logo is displayed. Points and rewards can be gained through using the card for any purchase. The rewards can only be redeemed for qualifying Disney products, experiences, or discounts.

Disney credit cards are offered through JP Morgan Chase. Customers have all the benefits of being a Chase customer which includes 24 hour access to the account, online statements, online reward redemption, and online account management. Chase also offers zero liability for fraud protection meaning you are not liable for any unauthorized purchases on the account.

Customers may select from a variety of Disney characters to display on their cards. For the Disney cards there are eight different card designs to choose from.

Disney Rewards® Card

The Disney Rewards® Card does not have an annual fee. The card offers reward points that is the equivalent of 1% of all purchases. There is no limit on the number of points that can be earned each year. Currently there is a promotion that offers a $50 Disney gift card when the card is activated with the first purchase. This is available to new cardholders only.

Points can be redeemed for Disney merchandise. This can include purchases at Disney stores or Disneystore.com. It can also be used to purchase Disney movies, DVD’s, Disney toys and more. Redemptions can also be made for entrance tickets to Disney parks including Disneyland and Disney World. Points can also be used for hotel stays and dining at Disney resorts and restaurants with no blackout dates.

Additional cardholder benefits included a designated section and time for Character Meet and Greets at Disney Parks. Save an additional 10% on Disney merchandise, dining or spending at Disney resorts. This benefit is for purchases over $50 at select locations. The additional 10% is also offered at local Disney stores and at Disneystore.com.

There is a 20% discount offered on select guided tours. These tours are located at the Disney World and Disneyland parks. There is also a $50 onboard ship credit that is available when a Disney cruise vacation is booked using the card.

Another useful benefit is the card offers 0% interest for six months when the card is used to purchase a Disney Vacation. Minimum payments must be made each month in order to continue the zero percent interest. After the six month interest free period the prevailing card rate will be charged for any remaining balance. This can be an effective way to pay for a vacation to a Disney resort.

The Disney Premier® card has a $49 annual fee. The account opening gift is a $100 Disney gift card when $500 is purchased in the first 3 months of account opening. The Premier card offers all of the benefits listed above. It also provides additional benefits which include earning 2% in rewards points on card purchases that are made at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and most Disney locations including Disney Store and theme parks.  There is also the ability to redeem points for airline purchases. Airline tickets that are charged to the Disney Premier card and the cardholder will have the option of redeeming the reward dollars in the form of a statement credit.

Other Terms and Conditions applying to both credit cards

The purchase interest rate is a variable rate, which is currently at 15.24%. 15.24% is also the interest charged on balance transfers. The card permits cash advances and can be used for overdraft protection on a bank account. For these applications the interest charged will be 19.24%. If payments are late, a payment is returned or the account goes over the limit, Chase reserves the right to charge a penalty interest rate of up to 27.99%. This is a permanent rate increase once applied.

For new purchases there is a minimum of a 21 day grace period which is interest free. This will apply if the account is paid off each month. If a balance is carried forward then interest will be charged from the date of purchase. For cash advances and overdraft usage the interest will be applied from the date of the transfer.

Transaction fees include a $5 or 3% balance transfer fee. The cash advance fees are the greater of $10 or 3% of the transfer amount. Foreign transaction fees are 3% and are calculated in USD. Late payments will be up to $35 and are charged without a grace period on the due date. Return payments will incur a fee of up to $29.00.

Getting Approved

Applicants must be 18 years old to apply. Applications can be completed online or at a Disney Store. Qualifications will include income, credit debt payments and your credit score.