Bealls Credit Card

Bealls is a one stop shopping experience for the whole family. This department store provides great fashion in women’s, men, Juniors, baby, and kid clothing. They also have a large selection of home goods, kitchen supplies, jewelry, foot wear, holiday supplies, accessories, and other items used in the home. With top quality products and great pricing Bealls serves families mostly in Florida, but also in Georgia, Arizona and online. Bealls is headquartered in Florida.

Bealls Credit Card Options

Having a Bealls credit card offers additional benefits when making purchases at a Bealls store or Bealls outlet center. Bealls offers two different credit options. A traditional store credit card and a gold card. Both cards can be used at Bealls Florida Stores which are located in Florida, Georgia and Arizona. They can also be used at Bealls outlet stores in these three states as well as online. The online stores include,,, and

Bealls Florida Credit Card does not charge an annual fee for either credit card. Bealls offers customers with the ability to earn rewards. This is done, by awarding the customer with 1 reward point per $1.00 spent. For every 200 award points earned the customer earns a $10.00 reward certificate. The award certificates never expire as long as the account is active.

Another great feature of the Bealls credit card is online account access. This has made the customers experience much more convenient. Customers can check balances, review purchases, and track spending from any electronic device that has internet access. Online access not only provides an additional layer of convenience but it also improves security as customers can better track purchases and identify fraudulent purchases early. Customer have zero liability for purchases that are not authorized by them.

Bealls credit card offers special notices to customers who register their account with an email address. These special notices include sales events, reward offers, and special discounts that are only available to card holders. The discounts and coupons can be accessed electronically without ever having to print the discount. This is another convenient way to make customers shopping experience easier. One unique feature of a Bealls credit card is that rewards can be earned with the purchase of gift cards for friends and family.

Bealls Gold Credit Card

Bealls also offers the option of a Bealls Gold Customer credit card. This means that you have earned the “star status customer” rank. Being a star status customer grants you access to even more benefits through the gold card program. To qualify you must have a minimum net spending of at least $500.00 dollars annually on your Bealls credit card per year. Customers must qualify for gold benefits every year.

Gold credit card holders (star status customers) will receive is exclusive discounts to store wide items. They also obtain free shipping with no minimum purchase on the website. This gives you access to hundreds of products without ever having to leave your home. There is also an additional benefit through the email club birthday membership, which provides a special gift just from Bealls, each year in your birthday month.

Once the cardholder reaches the qualifications for the Bealls Gold credit card, the upgrade occurs automatically.

Account Details

The interest rate on a Bealls credit card is 24.99% for purchases. If the account is paid in full each billing cycle then purchases will receive at least 25 days interest free before the bill is due. If the balance is carried forward then interest begins on the date of purchase. If a payment is late there is a fee up to $35. This fee will be charged even if the payment is one day late. If there is a return payment the charge is up to $25.

These two Bealls credit card options provide convenience for customers who love to shop at Bealls. They have a rewards program that rewards customers with Bealls gift cards that can be used towards future Bealls purchases. With easy access to your accounts, and flexible payment plans Bealls understands and fulfils the shopping needs of each individual customer so that everyone can get this things they want and need, in the best way possible.