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Best Buy is a retail electronics store that is the largest in the world. They offer a huge selection of computers, televisions, video gaming equipment, cameras, movies, laptops, cell phones, car electronics, and more. They also offer servicing for products purchased through Best Buy as well as those purchased elsewhere. As a major national chain the company is able to offer excellent prices and service for all their products.

Best Buy Credit Card

The Best Buy Credit Cards offer features like rewards, exclusive offers made only to cardholders and account access through computers, tablets, phones or other mobile devices. The online access allows customers to track and view account information as well as make payments and accomplish other account maintenance from anywhere.

The Best Buy credit card comes in three different types to suite your personal needs and to give you different options to make the buying experience as beneficial as possible. Best Buy credit cards offer an everyday cash back option which provides customers with 5% cash back on all Best Buy purchases. For larger purchases customers can choose 6, 12, 18 or 24 month no interest options. With this option minimum payments are required. If the balance is not paid in full each month then the interest will accumulate from the date of purchase and the customer will lose the benefit of the promotion.

My Best Buy Credit Card

The “My Best Buy” credit card. This card has no annual fee and include consumer benefits like access to special sales and events and returns or exchanges for a period of up to fifteen days from the date of purchase. Free standard shipping is offered for minimum purchases of $35.00 or more. The card earns rewards which amount to one point for every $1.00 that is spent. A $5 reward certificate is earned with every $250 dollars in purchases. The card also offers 24 hour customer service as well as online access.

Elite Best Buy Credit Card

The second option is the “Elite Best Buy” credit card. This card requires a minimum of $1500.00 in purchases per calendar year and cardholders must qualify for the card each year. There is the option of banking points for larger discounts. Point banking allows you to build up reward points until you are ready to redeem them. The Elite Best Buy credit card offers early access to special sales and events. The exchange and return period is extended to up to 30 days. Free standard shipping is provided on all purchases, with no minimums. Customers with the Elite card also get 10% in bonus points on all purchases at the Best Buy store as well as online.

My Best Buy Elite Plus

The Third option offered by Best Buy is the “My Best Buy Elite Plus.” This credit card requires a minimum of $3500.00 dollars in purchases per calendar year and cardholders must qualify each calendar year. There is a special service line exclusively for the elite plus credit card users which provides 24 hour access to live customer service representatives. Cardholders gain the option of saving points until the desired threshold is met. They also have early access to special sales and events. The grace period for returns and exchanges is extended for up to 45 days. The Elite cardholders are offered free expedited shipping on all online purchases with no minimum requirements. Cardholders also earn a 25% rewards bonus on all purchases made.

Best Buy Rewards Points System

Each credit card purchase receives a certain amount of points for purchases made, depending on the card the customer is carrying. For every 250 points that are earned you will receive a $5.00 reward certificate. With the bonus reward points the points look something like this. 1 point would be rewarded per dollar spent with the “My Best Buy Card.” That same $1 spent would result in 1.10 points rewarded per dollar spent with the “My Best Buy Elite” credit card. The Elite Plus cardholder would receive 1.25 points per dollar spent. The Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus cards give the cardholder the option of point banking. This allows you to save your points for larger purchases, if desired.

Reward points and reward status updates can be tracked online, along with account tracking for spending, payments and account details. Best Buy has a mobile app that is specifically designed to help consumers manage both their credit cards and their rewards accounts. This free app increases safety and reduces fraud.


Best Buy offers both a store card and a credit card that carries the MasterCard logo. The card with the MasterCard logo can be used anywhere the MasterCard sign is displayed. So weather you are in the market for video cameras, electronic accessories, games or computers, Best Buy has something for everyone. The Best Buy credit cards are an easy and smart way to make purchases of all sizes. The cash back point system provides additional benefits to card users and rewards you for the things you already want to purchase. With three great credit card options to choose from and flexible payment plans you are sure to find the perfect card for you.