British Airways Credit Card

British Airways is headquartered in the UK and is the largest airline in the world based on the number of aircraft they have flying. They have a huge presence both in Europe and in the United States and are the second largest airline in the world based on number of passengers who fly with the airline.

The British Airways Credit Card provides access to benefits, miles and many extras when flying with British Airways. The miles are called Avios points and can be used to gain free tickets on flights or other benefits in the airport.

British Airways Credit Card

The British Airways credit card is serviced by Chase. This gives card holders all of the benefits of being a Chase customer. They have the online access for account management. The site allows card holders to pay the bill online, track transactions and monitor the account for fraud. There is zero liability for any unauthorized purchases if the card is used fraudulently. This can provide peace of mind for cardholders.

When you sign up for the British Airways Visa Signature Card, it comes with the Visa logo and can be used worldwide. The card is accepted anywhere the Visa logo is displayed. This creates easy access to the account wherever you are traveling to.

There is a sign on bonus for new cardholders that is 50,000 bonus Avios. This works like miles and may be enough to gain a free flight for the cardholder. In order to gain the bonus new cardholders must spend $2,000 during the first three months that the account is opened. There is a $95 annual fee for cardholders. This fee is not waived for the first year.  

British Airways Credit Card Benefits

There are ongoing rewards benefits for using the credit card. For everyday purchases the card offers 1.25 Avios for each $1 that is spent on the card. For all purchases made with British Airways the bonus rewards are 2.4 Avios for each $1 that is spent.

If you make $30,000 in spending on the credit card during a calendar year, the cardholder will receive a bonus that doubles the rewards points that have been earned. The bonus is in the form of a Travel Together Ticket and is good for two years. The bonus ticket can be used for any class of ticket and equates to a free companion ticket. All tickets that are purchased with rewards points must pay the taxes and fees for the flight. This can add up to charges that are $600 to $1,200 depending on the flight and the class the passenger is flying.

Cardholders are automatically enrolled in the British Airways Executive Programme. This feature allows cardholders to use their Avios rewards points for privileges in the Executive club and airport lounges. Points may also be used for upgrades on flights.  

With the British Airways Visa card there are no foreign transaction fees. This benefit can save cardholders up to 3% for all international purchases used when traveling or at home.

The Visa card has an encoded smart chip which helps to reduce fraud. It also makes the card easier to use in Europe where the smart chip readers are more common than the slide readers seen in the US.

Fees and Interest Charges

The interest rate charged on the card for purchases is 15.99%. This is a variable rate and will adjust when the prime rate adjusts. The 15.99% is also the rate charged on all balance transfers that are not transferred through a special promotional rate. For cash advances or overdraft advances the interest rate charged is 19.24%. The card may be connected to a checking account for overdraft protection. Any advances to cover an overdraft are charged the higher rate. This rate is subject to interest from the date of the advance.

There is a penalty rate of 29.99%. This rate is charged in the event the account goes into default. It can be enacted if the cardholder misses a payment, makes a late payment, goes over the established credit limit, or has a payment that is returned. If the penalty rate is charged the rate increase is permanent.

Fees for balance transfers will be $5 or 3% for any dollar amount that is transferred from another credit card. For cash advances the fee transaction fee of $10 or 5%. This is charged on the total amount of the transfer.

Late fees are up to $35 and are charged based on the amount of the outstanding balance on the card at the time of the late payment. There is no charge if the cardholder goes over the limit. If a payment is returned there is also a fee of up to $35.