Diners Club Credit Card

Diners Club is known for having the first charge card issued in the world. Today they issue cards in over 200 countries and offer the card in over 70 different currencies. This international company focuses on customer service and providing top of the line features and benefits for their card holders. The American arm of Diners Club International is owned and operated by BMO Financial Group. The headquarters for the North American company is in Toronto Canada.

Diners club offers cards in three different categories. This includes consumer cards that are targeted to individuals. The professional cards are targeted to small businesses and business executives. The corporate cards are targeted to large corporations.

Diners Club Card completes its card processing through MasterCard. Therefore anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed, the Diners Club Card can be used. The Diners Credit Card and Diners International have been serving customers for over 50 years.

Consumer Cards for individuals

There are two options for Diners Club credit cards that are offered to individuals. These are the Diners Club Card Premier and the Diners Club Card Elite.

Diners Club Card Premier

The Diners Club Premier has a $95 annual fee. The club rewards offers 1 reward point for every dollar that is charged on the card. The card also offers zero foreign transaction fees, which can save customers up to 3% on international purchases. For those who travel extensively, this can be enough savings to pay for the annual fee.

The benefits that come with the Diners Club Card Premier include access to a personal assistant. The concierge service can provide tickets and reservations to everything from restaurants, golf, and theatre or spa treatments. Cardholders gain access to airport lounges throughout the world. There are also discounts offered on car rentals through Avis and Budget rental.

Warranties and insurance include coverage for lost baggage, rental car collision insurance, and travel insurance. For purchases that contain warranties, the card offers free extended warranties on product purchases. Roadside assistance is also offered as a benefit to carrying the Diners Club Card Premier.

Diners Club Card Elite

The Diners Club Card Elite has a $300 annual fee for card membership. There are no foreign transaction fees and the rewards points are available. The Elite card offers reward bonuses of 3 points for the categories of grocery shopping, gas purchases, and purchases at the pharmacy. Other purchases earn rewards of 1 point per $1.00 spent.

The benefits include those listed above and in addition cardholders receive free trip cancellation insurance for all trips that are charged to the credit card.

Professional Credit Card Options

The professional card options that customers can choose from include the Diners Club Card and the Carte Blanche Card.

Diners Club Card offers the Diners Club Charge Card which has a $95 annual fee. There is a 3% charge for foreign transactions. The card offers rewards that translate to 1 point for every $1 spent.

The Diners Club Credit Card has no annual fee and offers rewards at a rate of 1 reward point for every $2 that is spent. The other reward card benefits for both cards are the same as offered on the Diner Club Card Premier.

The Carte Blanche Card has a $300 annual fee. The reward program offers 1 point for every $1.00 spent. This card does not waive the foreign transaction fee and charges 3% for international purchases. Other benefits of the Carte Blanche Card include all of the benefits offered for the Premier card. Additional benefits include international rentals for cell phones and access to a private jet.

Diners Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate cards are established to help companies monitor employee expenses while provides access and convenience for all parties. The cards are excellent when needed for travel expenses. The Corporate cards provides computer account access so companies can track expenses on a daily basis if needed. There are also resources to track and analyze spending patterns and provide information needed to evaluate spending patterns.  

An account representative will work with the business to identify the needs of the business and select a card with the features that will be most beneficial to the way the company runs its business.

Diners Club Rewards

The rewards earning will be dependent on which card you select. There is no limits on the number of points earned each year.

Awards can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, travel, airline tickets, and more. When using the awards for airline tickets, they can be used for any airline and there are no blackout dates to contend with. Reward points can also be added to your current frequent flyer miles program to accumulate enough points for a free ticket. Reward points can also be used to book hotel rooms or added to your current frequent stay hotel program.

Awards may be used in a very personalized way. They can be redeemed for a down payment on a home, down payment for a car, dental work, or any other options that you need. The Club Rewards center is there to help you redeem points in the most effective way possible.