Juniper Credit Card

Juniper bank was founded in 2000 and is new among the credit card competitors. As of 2004 Juniper credit card become a co-branded credit card partnering with some of the leading credit card issuers. Juniper’s financial services company has partnered with Barclay’s Bank in 2004 creating several co-branded credit cards to its customers. These cards include Barclay Rewards Master Card, Discover Credit Card, Capital One Quick Silver One, Credit One Bank, Finger Hut Credit Card, and Horizon Gold Credit Card. Most of the time Juniper’s credit cards do not display the Juniper name, instead they often display the partner bank or partner company.

How to apply

Juniper offers credit cards for those who have generally good credit. The first step to getting the best card is to check your current credit report and correct any errors on the report. This step will ensure you are offered the best rate and have the most number of options when seeking a credit card.

The other requirement for all Juniper credit cards is you must be a permanent resident of the U.S. and at least 18 years old. Applicants must have a social security number and a driver’s license that is valid. This is a requirement for all card applicants.

The applications may be completed online and take into account how long you have lived at your address. Generally a two year history is required for both home and work. Length of time with your current employer and time in the same job are also considered.

When the application is completed a credit report will be pulled. This creates a score that lenders use to evaluate the risk of the applicant. They also consider the amount of debt that is on the credit report and determine how much additional credit you might be able to take on. The on line application can provide an instant decision for whichever card you have selected.

Through Junipers website you may select one of its many offered credit cards. You can also choose your personal preferences such as security options, mobile alert options and so forth. Once the card is approved you would then be directed to your new online account to manage all your credit card needs.

A Few of the Most Popular Juniper Credit Cards Include:

Barclay Rewards Master Card

The Barclay Rewards Master Card offers great rewards and rates to its customers. One of them being that you will earn 2X points for every $1.00 spent towards utilities, shopping for groceries, and gasoline. There is a 1X point for every $1.00 spent on all other purchases. These points may be used like cash and can be used to redeem rewards such as dining, flights, or shopping. The points do not expire as long as your account remains open and in good standing. This credit card has no annual fees, no cash back limitations or blackout dates. The Barclay Rewards Master Card has an interest rate of approximately 24.99% and will adjust as the prime rate moves.

Discover Credit Card

The Discover Credit card is based in the U.S with customer service available to all of its customers 24 hours a day. The current interest rate for this Discover Credit Card is between 10.99% and 12.99% depending on the applicant’s credit. With this card you will be eligible to receive monthly credit scores from FICO and monthly statements for free. There is the added benefit of receiving 5% cash back gas station purchases of up to $1500.00. There is a reward of 1% cash back on other purchases. Discover credit card offers no annual fee and no late fee on your first time. The penalty rate will not take effect as long as you have no more than 1 late payment every 12 months. This particular credit card also received a 4.8 of 5 star rating from over 5000 of its current card holders.

Capital One Quick Silver One

Capital One Quick Silver One credit card offers 1.5% cash back on any and all purchases with zero limitations. You will be allowed to redeem your cash back rewards at any time with no minimum or maximum limit of when you may redeem them. Capital One Quick Silver One credit card has a low annual fee of only $39.00. The cash back feature has no expiration date or limits on how much you will be able to earn. You will have the added benefit of a 0% interest rate until the first of June, 2015. Capital One Quick Silver Card also gives you the option to increase your credit card limit when payments are made on time for the first consecutive 5 months. You will also have access to fraud coverage should your credit card ever be stolen or lost.

Credit One Bank Credit Card

The Credit One Bank Credit Card was designed for people with fair credit. This credit card has a low annual fee of $35.00-$99.00 based on individual’s credit. The low interest rates are from 17.99%-23.90% and will depend on the applicants credit. This credit card offers 1% cash back on all gasoline purchases with no limit of much cash back you may earn. All rewards offers are posted to your online account each month making it easy to monitor and access. The Credit One Bank Credit Card also offers fraud liability to protect you from fraudulent purchases and unauthorized usage.

Fingerhut Credit Card

The Fingerhut Credit Card was designed for those who intend to build their credit. In doing so the Fingerhut Credit Card offers its customers no annual fee, no fee for going over credit limits, and no down payments are required. With a speedy approval time in as little as 60 seconds, it makes this credit card easily attainable and convenient for customers. This card allows you to choose from over 70,000 products at The card offers low monthly payments to help customers stay on track.

Horizon Gold Credit Card

The Horizon Gold Credit Card accepts those with bad credit and therefore determines an annual fee based on individual customer needs. The application for this credit card can be completed on line and customers can receive an instant approval. The card can then be used immediately. The Horizon Gold credit card begins customers out with a $500 limit and no credit check is required for approval of this card. Customers, however are required to have an active debit or credit card to qualify.