General Basics of the Justice Credit Card

The Justice Credit Card is the credit card of record for the Justice retail system. Justice Stores are a chain headquartered out of Texas, which specializes in selling fashion merchandise to girls ages 7 to 14 years of age. Obviously, as these children are under age, the credit card is primarily meant for parents or guardians of girls in this age range. Cards can only be used at Justice Stores or their online retail site. Thus, while the credit card is a card that sells product on credit, it is not like a typical credit card available to most consumers.

As a retail associated credit card, it is expected that this card would have specific rewards or benefits related to it. Most other retail associated credit cards have benefits or specific rewards to encourage consumers to use the credit card at specific retail locations, such as Justice Stores. However, the Justice Credit Card is an extremely limited reward card. The card does not offer any specific long-term rewards to consumers who utilize the card. Because of this drawback, the Internet has a plethora of negative or less than stellar reviews of the credit card program. In fact, as will be explained in the rewards or benefit section, the card only offers two small benefits.

The Justice Credit Card is like any other credit card available on the open market, as it is a fully functioning credit card. Thus, the applicant must meet specific credit criteria of the issuing bank. Additionally, the credit card is subject to the rules of the CARD federal regulation program, which governs the issuing and operation of credit cards in the US. Therefore, a person is able to purchase merchandise from a Justice Store or at their online site and pay for the product over a period of time. Obviously, the merchandise will be subject to interest rates and other potential fees of the credit card.

Rewards or Benefits

As previously mentioned the Justice Credit Card system is extremely limited on the rewards and benefits it offers to credit card holders. The benefit of using the Justice Credit Card is that a consumer can receive a 15% discount on merchandise purchased at a Justice Store when they open a new Justice Credit Card. This 15% discount applies to all product purchased when the card is opened. Additionally, the company allows a second 15% discount to be applied to the consumer’s second trip to purchase merchandise at a Justice Store with the credit card. Thus, the second time that person utilizes the credit card at Justice Store; they will receive the 15% discount on all products purchased. This is the point where the reward benefit program of Justice Credit Cards stops. After the second purchase a justice Store or online using the Justice Credit Card, the person will receive no more discounts, benefits, or rewards. Thus, the Justice Credit Card only rewards its holders with two 15% discounts for the life of the credit card. From that point, there are no further discounts issued, nor special reward programs, the incentive for the person to utilize the credit card again stops with the second use of the 15% discount. Therefore, if one chooses to use a Justice Credit Card, they should be judicious of when and how to use the credit card, ensuring that they maximize their 15% discount, either on the first or second purchase at a Justice Store.

Fees and Costs

In reviewing the fees and costs for the Justice Credit Card, the information is rather difficult to ascertain. The websites associated with the Justice Credit Card do not indicate any specific annual fee, late fee, penalty fee, or other specific related fees. It is unusual for any credit card to not initiate these fees with a credit card. In fact, most credit card companies make their profits from the fees associated with card or the interest rate. Store credit cards are notorious for having at least a few fees associated with the program. The company does report that its APR is currently at a fixed fee of 24.99%. Thus, the consumer should be aware that if they only make minimum payments on the product, the 15% discount associate with either the first or second purchase may be negated because the interest rate.